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Development Support

Welcome to Development Support 2015!

A total of 1 million Danish crowns (DKK) have been granted for development support to five Nordic game projects in 2015. The application deadline for 2015 is

24:00 (midnight, at the end of the day) on Wednesday April 1, 2015

Download the application, updated for 2015 (MS Word):



Guidelines 2015

The following criteria apply regarding project, support amount and payment:

· Guidelines, selection criteria and process will be clearly communicated to applicants
· Support is fixed to 200,000 Danish crowns
· Support cannot exceed 75% of the project budget
· Only one project per applicant can be funded for 2015, but several applications can be made
· Repayment of support funds can be required if support contract or conditions are violated

Applicants must be:

· Nordic
· Registered computer game development company
· Independent – not owned by a games publisher or non-Nordic game developer
· Own or control the IP rights to the project
· Can guarantee that the completed project will be released in at least one Nordic language
· Project is not already approved for production, i.e. contracted by a third party
· Development company is financially stable, i.e. not in bankruptcy or liquidity crisis
· Support application has been submitted complete and by the due date

Criteria for Developer Support, in order of importance:

1. Project’s appropriateness for target group, especially concerning age
2. Development company’s and team’s documented experience
3. Importance of development support to project’s launch
4. Project’s innovation
5. Number of Nordic languages the finish game will be released in
6. Project’s artistic ambitions


A number of constraints have been introduced to ensure that the applications fit the available funds and the desired profile of the projects. Five creative, quality projects will be selected, games that are also aimed at pre-schoolers, that display diversity in characters (differences in sex, ethnical background, sexual orientation etc), or that have a clear foundation in Nordic cultural traditions.

Expert Group 2015
The following individuals have been chosen by the Nordic Council of Ministers to represent member countries in determining developer support guidelines, as well as approving development grants:

Anne Mette Thorhauge, chairperson, DK
Jan Neiiendam, deputy, DK
Annakaisa Kultima, member, FI
Miikka Junnila, deputy, FI
Ólafur Andri Ragnarsson, member, IS
Stefanía Halldórsdóttir, deputy, IS
Kaja Hench Dyrlie, member, NO
Magnus Tellefsen, deputy, NO
Magnus Alm, member, SE
Annika Olofsdotter Bergström, deputy, SE
Rógvi Hofgaard, member, FO
Laufey Blaasvær, deputy, FO
Johannes Müller, member, GL
Christian Rex, deputy, GL
Mats Adamczak, member, AX

Instructuions 2015

Please refer to the application for for instructions.

For other questions, please contact the administrator of the development support, Erik Robertson, erik (at)

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The Nordic cooperation

Nordic cooperation is one of the world’s most extensive forms of regional collaboration, involving Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and three autonomous areas: the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Åland.
   Nordic cooperation has firm traditions in politics, the economy, and culture. It plays an important role in European and international collaboration, and aims at creating a strong Nordic community in a strong Europe.
   Nordic cooperation seeks to safeguard Nordic and regional interests and principles in the global community. Common Nordic values help the region solidify its position as one of the world’s most innovative and competitive.